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A Glimpse into Our Projects

Take a look at some of the electric vehicle charging solutions we have provided for a variety of clients, including both corporations and private residents.

In case you have inquiries regarding charging solutions, are keen on booking a session to explore your particular requirements, or desire a tailored proposal for the deployment of charging stations, please feel free to contact us.

CFM-40KW in Dubai

The CFM-40kW's installation at Dubai's City Walk is a leap towards sustainability, showcasing the city's commitment to green energy. This strategic integration highlights City Walk's role in promoting environmental stewardship. It sets a new standard for urban sustainability, reflecting Dubai's innovative approach to eco-friendly development.

CF2Y-120KW in Gent

Introducing the CF2Y-120KW, a state-of-the-art charging station featuring two charging guns and an impressive 120kW power capacity, effortlessly upgradeable to 200kW to meet growing demands. Strategically located in a corporate parking lot in Gent, it serves as a vital charging hub for the company's fleet, ensuring vehicles are always ready to go. This advanced solution represents our commitment to sustainable fleet management and operational efficiency.

CF4-160KW in Sint-Niklaas

Discover the CF4-160KW fast charging station in Sint-Niklaas, boasting a powerful 160kW capacity with four charging points, expandable to eight to accommodate growing needs. Effortlessly scalable up to 320kW, it ensures rapid charging for a wide range of electric vehicles. Located in Sint-Niklaas, this station sets a new standard in efficient and flexible EV charging solutions, catering to the increasing demand for sustainable transportation.

CF2C-320KW in Ekeren

Introducing the CF2C-320KW, a high-capacity fast charging station featuring a 320kW output with two charging points, strategically located at a garage in Ekeren. This state-of-the-art station serves both the garage's employee fleet and the public, ensuring accessibility for all. Equipped with a convenient payment terminal, it offers seamless service for electric vehicle drivers seeking a quick and efficient charge. The CF2C-320KW represents a significant leap forward in supporting sustainable transportation, making it easier than ever to power up on the go.

Pro Duo S Pile in Houthalen

Introducing the Pro Duo S Pile from the AC Pile Series, boasting a dual 22kW power output across eight charging stations, designed specifically for corporate fleets. This robust charging solution provides ample power, ensuring that a company's fleet is always ready and fully charged. Tailored to meet the demands of businesses, the Pro Duo S Pile facilitates efficient energy management and operational reliability. It's the perfect blend of performance and convenience for any organization looking to embrace electric mobility.

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